WordPress Tutor | Export Tool Is Not A Great Backup Option

Part 3 in multi-part series.

WordPress Export Tool In Admin Panel

WordPress Export Tool In Admin Panel

I have used the WordPress export tool to successfully move Web sites and blogs from a WordPress.com site to a hosted WordPress.org site several times over the past five years. I have even used it to migrate WordPress.org sites to a new Web host. It is especially good when using a new theme.

It is precisely for that last reason it is not good for doing a backup of your site (although it will do in extreme conditions for lack of another plan).

The reason is clear. It is time consuming.

When you use the Export Tool as a backup plan, you will have to reinstall your theme, change all the default settings, set up your home page, background, header, widgets and any custom coding you may have done. …Continue Reading

WordPress Tutor Says | Read WordPress Advice About Backups

Part 2 in multi-part series.

Will Your WordPress Site Crash and Burn?

Will Your WordPress Site Crash and Burn?

Be prepared for the worst case scenario which would be your WordPress Web site or blog might go down.  Whether it is an accident, or some hacker purposely being nasty, or a server failure, whatever.

This informative article on WordPress Backups (by WordPress) explains what your WordPress Web site consists of – the basic files and your database. It answers some questions, provides alternatives and even provides instructions. Links to plugins and tools are also supplied.

For you less adventurous, my next post will talk about some alternatives to backing up your WordPress Web site or blog I found that work.

Photo image by Capt. E.G. Malindine, No. 5 Army Film & Photographic Unit [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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WordPress Tutor Says | Back Up Your Web Site Or Blog

Part 1 in multi-part series.

USB Flash Drive Backup

Back Up Your WordPress Site

If it’s important – back it up. If it’s really important, back it up twice!

I try to teach that lesson to others. And sometimes the message is heard and applied. Sometimes it is not.

Take Mary (real name withheld to protect me) for instance.

Back in the ‘olden’ days I suggested, and my company provided, Mary with a used external back up hard drive to store important files and documents. Mary diligently stored the back up copies on the supplemental drive.

However, the entire message apparently was not correctly conveyed. Me bad! …Continue Reading

Apply These Good Lessons From WWII To Your Small Business

Richard Duchossois, owner of Arlington Park Racetrack, was featured in an article in yesterday’s Daily Herald on the front page. The article commemorated the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

Geoge S Patton

Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, 1943

Mr. Duchossois served under General George S. Patton (pictured here as a Lt. General earlier in 1943) during the Great War. Duchossois shared some of his insights as gained from his WWII experience. He used these principles to build a business empire which includes his $2 billion dollar private company.

I want to tie this all in to a webinar I watched on Thursday, June 5th. The subject matter was how consultants can escalate the fees they charge clients merely by asking for a higher investment through a step-by-step process. Note: This is not news to professional consultative salespeople!

Additionally, the webinar presenter said the principles do not apply in the request for quote (RFQ) market. There low bidders usually win. It also does not work well with small or medium sized businesses. There the businesss are striving to produce sales on limited budgets. …Continue Reading

Alert To Heartbleed Password Security Issues and WordPress

Who's Guarding Your Passwords and Web Sites?

Who’s Guarding Your Passwords and Web Sites?

Several serious issues surrounding Internet security have raised their ugly heads once again in the past several days if you are unaware. Amongst the greatest concern is, of course, Heartbleed.

Major websites use an encryption method to transmit data users want to keep secure.  Computers sometimes send what is called a ‘heartbeat’ signal to check if there’s still a connection at the other end. This week it was reported hackers found a way to send phony messages and trick the computer at the other end revealing secure data. …Continue Reading