Welcome to JEM Consulting. 

I don’t think I ever fully agreed with the philosophy that knowledge is power, but my natural tendency to always want to learn more and grow has served me and the business people I counsel very well.

When I was in direct sales and marketing, I learned to work smarter rather than harder.  I combined relevant knowledge about my products/services and how they related to my prospects' needs, while leveraging customer recommendations and references from third party authority figures.

In 2006, I started Internet marketing as a hobby before becoming a coach and consultant in 2009.  It took the first two and a half years before the light bulb went on and the clouds parted revealing the blue sky and sunshine.

At the time, there were no "Dummy" books on the subject and I had to search for information; but people were willing to share.

I read, I listened, I applied, I failed, I tried again.  Then it took me almost a year to go back and repair the damages I had done.

But if there was a dearth of information as the Internet Age was dawning, the opposite is true now. Today, with 200-channel programming, 24-hour cable news and streaming content, and all the information on the Internet available on your smart phone or tablet, we’re suffering from “information overload.”

As a result, too many business professionals are caught up in the trap of who to trust and are paralyzed by either "Fear of Failure" or "Fear of Success”.

Too many “experts,” a.k.a. charlatans, pitch from their own self-interest or preach from outdated source material.

At JEM Consulting we just won't deal that way.  We offer advice based on proven methods, so you can make appropriate and meaningful business decisions that will impact your future business and/or your career.

So, I must ask:  "Do you have the time to filter through all of today's noise on the Internet and take action?"

At JEM Consulting, we do three things exceedingly well to help you get from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want to be). 

These are:

  • Help you learn to leverage LinkedIn business networking and marketing tactics and strategies to target a clearly defined audience
  • Teach you how to administer and market your WordPress Web site and/or blog, the easiest way to publish on the Internet
  • Drive traffic to your Web site using search engine optimization and social media to attain free and natural Google organic search results

We invite you to investigate our philosophy in each of these subject matters by clicking on the appropriate box below. The links will take you to the respective master pages on our blog for your further reading.

However, if you want to ramp up your success trajectory, pick up your cell phone and call me now at 847.634.6535

We also offer Keyword research help as well as LinkedIn Profile Evaluations for both businesses and job seekers.

Or, if you are looking for the original information previously found on this site, do-it-yourselfers should click here.

Thank you,

Michael Yublosky, the "Web Professor.”

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